ENDALL ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY http://dday667.wix.com/kendallentertainment is a sole proprietorship formed around the talents and experience of owner and renaissance man, Derek Kendall, 35 year veteran of the music industry with a master’s degree in music,
KENDALL ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY encompasses several separate company entities and a full spectrum of media specific products and services. These include BADAXE MUSIC COMPANY, Epic custom shop guitars, specializing in custom made guitars and bass guitars, DrumWorx Percussion Instruments and Krash Cymbalz via online store, and will also provide other quality brands and gear as well. GOLIATH RECORDS, recording artist “D-day”, live performing act “ZEPPELAND”, “PLAYTIME”, a children’s music educational/ extra-curricular program and other entrepreneurial endeavors and new product development.

The BADAXE MUSIC COMPANY badaxemusicco.com is an online musical instrument company and official site for our brands; Epic custom shop guitars, that offers our customers popular guitar models made with the options that the customer chooses at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. DrumWorx Percussion Instruments, drum sets, electronic drums, snare drums, hardware, marching and symphonic percussion and Krash Cymbalz, affordable high quality, hand crafted cymbals..
BADAXE MUSIC COMPANY also offers top of the line pro audio equipment as well as other top selling brands of musical instruments and accessories.

SOUND MIND STUDIO / COMMERCIAL AUDIO PRODUCTION DIV. provides upper tier audio production, jingle writing and advertising audio and video production services. Our clients appreciate the value of high quality, full service production projects that are streamlined in format, lead time and cost. Costs are streamlined at the core level, with talent needed for vocals, voiceover, character voices, instrumental music performances and production being provided in-house, there is little need to hire outside talent for projects.
Where an ‘average’ project audio session would involve producer, engineer and talent at the same time, and subsequently, three ‘scale’ pay rates, one master craftsman does all three and then add your session musicians at scale, at which you will also be paying your producer and engineer, usually by the hour.
At SOUND MIND STUDIO, one master composer, producer, performer, handles it all, including the jingles, composition / songwriting, arranging and lyrical content. This provides for a noticeably higher level of project symmetry. Better product,…less expense. That’s every project managers dream come true.

Goliath Records is our independent record label. Goliath Records is the administrational host for our music / recording industry projects; artist D-Day, (nick name of owner Derek Kendall) and his project, “OUTLAW INC.”, which is scheduled to record and release their debut album starting in early 2014 with a tentative release of August, 2014.

Kendall Entertainment Company is also producing “ZEPPELAND”, a Led Zeppelin impersonation designed as a headliner, national act as a change to the overabundance of Cher impersonators, Elvis impersonators, Reba and Garth Brooks impersonators, etc. Anyone who is a fan of the music of heavy metal greats, “Led Zeppelin” will swear that they are seeing the real deal,.. the entire, resurrected ‘REAL DEAL” .
This show features a diverse selection of the band’s music as well as popular hits and will provide a dynamic stage show with a state of the art light show and world class sound.

“PLAYTIME” will be offering a music play hour to area child daycare businesses as an extracurricular active that parents may enroll their child/children in. Playtime will take place once a week at each of the involve day cares and will include sing-a-longs, fun time karaoke, hands on introduction to a variety of musical instruments, basic music education and appreciation and even holiday music videos.
Playtime is offering a children’s educational music play hour program to area child care businesses as an extracurricular option for parents whose children are enrolled there. Playtime provides basic music education along with instrument introduction and a hands on experience for children to play a variety of musical instruments and develop interests in music, music education and appreciation of the arts.
Playtime also provides an opportunity to make recordings and even holiday music videos for their parents. We feel that we offer parents a, previously not available, connection with their children’s daytime program while they are at work.
Playtime takes place once a week at each of the involved day cares when they sign up and includes sing-a-longs, fun time karaoke, introduction to musical instruments, basic music education and appreciation and even holiday music videos….and you know we can produce them!!