For over 50 years, Kenmode Precision Metal Stamping has built a reputation for producing complex, high-precision custom metal stampings and assemblies with the highest efficiency and quality.  

Kenmode capabilities include custom design engineering, rapid prototyping, tooling, production, assembly, secondary operations, inventory management, and program management.

The Kenmode engineering and design teams work to simplify and streamline the entire precision metal stamping process to save both time and expense.  Kenmode employs the latest technology available in the industry throughout their metal stamping design and production process, including 3D design, robotics, in-die sensors and video inspection systems.

Kenmode’s ability to handle a wide range of metal stamping materials and component parts - from micro miniature medical stampings made with precious metals to large automotive stampings made of steel - allows customers to meet a variety of needs with just one supplier.   Kenmode currently serves the precision metal stamping needs of the automotive, electronics, consumer goods, insert molding, and medical device industries.

Kenmode continually monitors product quality and performance using Advanced Quality Planning tools.  By combining state-of-the-art equipment with mistake-proof processes at every stage of metal stamping production, Kenmode can meet customer quality specifications and on-time delivery demands.

Kenmode customers represent some of the most respected names in their industries, in the U.S. and around the globe.