Attending graduate school is a transformational experience in one’s life. It’s a time
when we explore new concepts and, while learning about various academic topics,
invariably learn even more about ourselves. Developing the ability to critically
apply theory to practice is one of the many benefits of earning a MBA, but
perhaps the greatest benefit is working with caring faculty in identifying our true
vocation. Essentially, identifying the path we should take that allows us to reach all
of our dreams and expectations. Entrepreneurship, contrary to what many people
believe, isn’t about being self-employed…..it’s about being yourself. It is the
pursuit of fulfilling your true potential; of simultaneously bettering your life and
the lives of others and managing your career on your terms.

Kenney College is committed to providing you with a MBA education that
explores management, marketing, quantitative studies, business fundamentals and
entrepreneurship in a way that complements your unique learning style.
Traditional classrooms are heavily tailored to visual and auditory learners.
Individuals who possess entrepreneurial traits often find less enjoyment in
traditional academic environments because, as experiential or kinesthetic learners,
we learn best by taking an active role in determining how we reach course
outcomes. To this end, Kenney College utilizes an innovative student learning
model whereby students work collaboratively with professors to reach course

The MBA with an Entrepreneurship specialization is designed for working
professionals seeking to accelerate their careers by innovatively implementing new
processes and seizing opportunities. Graduate students will be required to
satisfactorily complete 60 course credits while maintaining a grade point average of
2.75. All required course work must be completed before a degree will be awarded.
It is expected that full-time students (two courses per term) will complete the
program in two years while part-time graduate students (one course per term) should
complete all the necessary requirements within four years.

On behalf of our faculty, staff, and governors I’d like to welcome you to Kenney
College. We look forward to helping you realize all of your hopes, dreams and
aspirations by developing a life-long entrepreneurial skill set.