With legends of rock akin to Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Queen dominating his list of musical inspirations, Kenny Knox is now branding his own style of rock with echoes of these powerful voices and melodies evident throughout his music.
Taking advantage of opportunities and gaining experience throughout these, Kenny has performed on stage with the likes of Angry Anderson and Colleen Hewitt in Australia and has performed with The Australian Welsh Male Choir across the country and was vocally trained for a period by opera singer Greg Dempsey which has improved and strengthened his voice to meet the vocal requirements to perform rock anthems and power ballads, soft pop and hard rock. Kenny also fronted Australian rock band, Ivory, and Melbourne cover band 4 Ton of Rock and performed with both bands in Melbourne and surrounding areas between the years of 2001 and 2004 where they eventually built up a reputation
and began gaining recognition within the industry prior to the 2004 tragedy of Kenny losing his wife – bass player and songwriter of Ivory.
After     a ten year hiatus, Kenny     is now keen to     get back on stage and continue his     love     of rock music via his solo project with Downtown Artists with     writing and recording     currently taking place.