Connecting people with their devices through a simple, easy to use mobile app, so they know what's up no matter where they are.

The People Behind Benki:

Kenny Smith

BS in Mechanical Engineering with experience in manufacturing, capacitive touchscreen design, robotics, and networked software.

Kenny has won robotics competitions, designed and implemented major backend infrastructure for the World Trade Center, and has designed countless capacitive touch sensors which may include still secret gaming controllers. ; )

Brian Monson

BS in Electrical Engineering with minor in Mathematics with extensive experience in mass produced consumer electronics, oil products and services, and defense.

Brian's major focus has been on firmware and low-level software although he's been having fun getting back into Java and Android. He's lead several hardware projects for Wii, PS3, and Xbox games. Brian has also setup product manufacturing and testing in several factories in China, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.