At Kent Supply Teachers we provide a service which supports schools with meeting staffing challenges, from the perspective of education specialists. The various education stakeholders have wide-ranging needs which we have studied carefully when developing our business model; however, we are convinced that there are three basic requirements which must always be met in order ensure that our education system continues to maintain high standards. These are:

– Quality Supply Teachers

– Ethical Pay

– New, innovative solutions to meet the changing world of education

Quality Teachers

It goes without saying that it is vital that schools are able to rely on quality staff. Teaching and learning is at the core of every school’s development plan and supply teachers must be able to offer this same level of excellence in teaching.

To ensure that we always supply our schools with excellent teachers, we take take the following steps:

– one-to-one interviews to determine suitability for the role

– full background checks including DBS, qualifications and references

– safeguarding training

– training specific to the role of a supply teacher

– regular mentoring in teaching methodology and support with workload challenges

Ethical Pay

This means ethical pay for teachers and ethical prices for schools. We feel the use of the word “ethical” is entirely appropriate here as we are dealing with an industry that affects the future of our children. Pay should be fair and costs should not be explotative.

We are able to offer extremely competitive rates of pay as we have focused our efforts on keeping running costs to a minimum. We avoid wasteful expenditure in a variety of ways; we do not pay expensive premises costs, we operate a “paperless” policy as much as we possibly can and we do not use costly marketing companies. We have learnt from the best budget-holders in the game – teachers and schools!

New Solutions

Our approach is all about working out new ways to faciliate the pairing of excellent supply teachers with schools, at a fair price for everyone.

We have developed new methods of practice which will break with the often restrictive routes into supply teaching.

Firstly, offering more flexible hours of work. We know that many teachers may want to find positions which offer more flexibility. Perhaps you find it incredibly frustrating that you are faced with the choice of paying exorbitant wrap-around childcare fees or perhaps  you are looking for greater work-life balance. Therefore, we work with schools to offer lower fees for excellent supply staff who work slightly reduced hours. This is an excellent way for schools to reduce their staffing costs.
Our other new, noteworthy practice is that we act as full-time mentors for our supply staff. Schools can rest assured that our supply teachers will have the full advantage of our 34 year’s teaching experience behind them.
Finally, we recruit and retain top-quality professionals as we offer such a personalised service. Put simply, supply teachers prefer working with someone who is an experienced education professional.