Kerensen is a business-oriented consulting firm that is able to define and manage projects with strong business challenges and major technological complexity in a national and international context.

As a leading firm in the CRM market and front-office operations in general, Kerensen offers its clients the opportunity to generate growth by managing revenue according to performance. Kerensen has advanced expertise in the entire project cycle, from project client assistance to project management, support and ongoing maintenance.

As an international Group and cofounder of the first network dedicated to salesforce.com (CCAN), Kerensen has successfully delivered more than 400 projects in Cloud-based CRM, collaborative work and digital marketing in France, 600 in Europe and 4000 across the world through the CCAN. These five years of investment, development, experience and management of business challenges have enabled Kerensen to set up a governance model guaranteeing a very high rate of customer satisfaction.