I have been a photographer since 1968 starting when my father showed me how to use his Leica 35 mm camera. Back then, everything was manual and I learned the basics from a great teacher. I was also an Explorer Scout as a youth and this group was attached to the Amarillo Globe News. The crusty old photojournalists taught us how to use their medium format cameras, develop our film and make prints.

My professional photography pathway began when I needed product photos for my ultra high end custom bicycle design studio, KGS Bikes. The business had a global internet presence from its beginnings and I had experience photographing products from a former career as an industrial designer. The bicycles turned out to be very difficult to photograph properly and before long a full blown commercial studio was born. I kept experimenting with techniques and equipment, even large format (4 x 5) view cameras, to develop the skills to shoot an architectural product with artistry.

Kevin G Saunders Photography is now a full service studio in San Antonio with expertise in Architectural, Commercial, (people and products), high end portraiture and general photography commissions. My focus is on quality, with excellent service and fast turnaround times. I also look forward to challenging projects as the difficult shots are the ones that help me continue to build my reputation and to deliver what others cannot.