A valuable asset to Modify Law Center and its clients, Kevin Rasher became its Senior Mitigation Attorney in 2003, and he continues to help struggling homeowners achieve manageable loan payments through loan modification. Through a detailed understanding of loan modification law, Kevin Rasher assesses home loans and advises mortgage holders on possible refinancing options. Loan modifications are a financial tool mandated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). As a loss mitigation attorney, Kevin Rasher examines a loan holder's financial condition and the property in question to determine whether or not a borrower qualifies for a loan modification. Assessment by a mitigation attorney is a necessary first step in loan modification because of the many unethical foreclosure scams operating in the present economy. Kevin Rasher's assessments follow stringent state and federal guidelines and require a complete financial disclosure, including income tax returns, investment statements, insurance policies, and a copy of the deed or trust for each mortgage. Subsequently, Kevin Rasher negotiates, when feasible, a modification of the loan. Possible modifications that Kevin Rasher can initiate include a change in principal, a new interest rate, an extension of the loan term, or virtually any other change to the terms of the loan. Which modifications are possible depends upon the particular circumstances of the borrower, but for any homeowner facing foreclosure, a consultation with Kevin Rasher should be undertaken to examine the possibilities. Kevin Rasher can be reached at his Ladera Ranch office by calling 800-509-2974, faxing 949-313-1277, or visiting his website at www.modifylawcenter.us.