Welcome to Arbico Computers - Custom Built PC Specialist in UK

Arbico Computers is a small, fast growing UK based company specializing in Custom Built Computers. Our slogan is "...more personal than a PC".  We started out as a simple custom PC builder on eBay with a small range of Home & Office PC Deals. However we quickly began to grow and diversify. The range of  Desktop PCs we have on sale now range from the Budget Gaming PC to more exciting hi end offerings such as the Extreme Gaming, Overclocked, SFF, Media, Quiet / Silent PC range, Multi Monitor / Trading PC and Hi End Video Editing Workstation along with next day delivery option!

Over the years Arbico has won countless awards from leading industry publications and review sites. Arbico’s customizable computers have been admired for the quality of components used, the performance achieved, the quality of the building and the unbeatable prices. Among others we have won awards from PC Advisor, Personal Computer World, Total PC Gaming and Hexus.net. Our PCs have time and again beaten others from companies much bigger than ours!

Whatever part of our system range you are shopping with - Our experienced team members can discuss your requirements and suggest a suitable custom built PC for you. Alternatively we can also provide a quote for the exact specification you would like. Our aim is to provide quality desktop custom PC systems, servers or workstations at a very low price.