Key 2 Success Private Tutoring specializes in tutoring middle school, and college students in school subjects, AP test preparation (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History), SAT I (Critical Reading, Writing, and Mathematics), and SAT II Subjects Tests (Math I and Math II, Chemistry).  We also offer college admissions counseling.  

School Subjects:  We have tutors that have taught over 15+ years experience and have brought students receiving "F"s up to an "A".  

AP Examinations:  We have produced students that receive 4's and 5's on an annually increasing basis.

SAT I:  We have brought up scores from students receiving less than 1200 up to scores in the 2000's.  We have had students that have even scores in the 2200~2300's.  

SAT II:  With our proven test strategy, we regularly achieve scores above 700+ in chemistry and in Math Level 1 and Math Level 2.  Some of our students have even reached a PERFECT 800.

College Admissions Counseling:  We know the UC admissions systems inside out.