For the past 23 years, The Golden Lion Café has operated as a successful destination restaurant in Flagler Beach. Located across the street from Atlantic Ocean, this local hot spot on a small barrier Island of less than 4,500 residents is highly awarded on a local, state and national level. In 2013, the United States S.B.A. named the Marlow family the South East of the USA “Family Owned Business of the year”. The Golden Lion was recently awarded the #1 Beach Bar on the East Coast of Florida by floridabeachbar.com

An offshoot business of the restaurant was their secret recipe of Key Lime Tartar Sauce. Due to the demands of restaurant guests who kept asking for the sauce to take home, the family began bottling it locally in St. Augustine, Florida in 2014. Shoppers love it because of the combination of citrus flavor and just a little bit of heat, which makes it delicious on everything.

In April of 2014, Christopher Marlow did what no other local business had done according to Flagler Beach Publix Manager Chuck Jones. “This is breaking ground. This is the first time I have seen a local business on Publix shelves in my 45 years with Publix,” said Jones. As a service to local customers, the sauce was made available through Publix initially in the five Flagler County Stores only. Then something happened that no one expected, it began to fly off the shelves.

By Christmas 2014, the Marlow family made the decision that would change the shape of the business. They recognized a tremendous need in Flagler County to feed the hungry and made the decision that half of any profits earned would be given back to local food pantries and added the tagline: “Every Bottle Makes a Difference” to their labels and TV commercial.