A keysafe offers a simple, elegant solution to concerns about key management and access control.

Ever been locked out? Do you worry about getting home before the kids get back from school ? Our Outdoor Key Access Safes may be the solution. With either a digital or wheel mechanical combinations - no batteries to worry about! - our keysafes are simple to program, simple to fit and simple to use.

Keysafes are designed to give safe and secure access to your home. Ideal for storing keys on the exterior of a building allowing emergency access, keysafes are particularly popular for allowing access for school children, care workers and for maintenance workers or rental properties.

Keysafes are weather resistant and can hold from 1 key to a whole bunch depending upon the model selected.

Changing the access code for a keysafe is very easy and can be changed as often as you like, so you always stay in control of who is able to access your keys. Set a temporary code when you have someone working on the house, then change it as soon as the work is completed.