Atlanta, GA.  J. Joshua Beistle, President of JubiRev / JubiMax announced exciting updates and important deadlines relating to the start of Phase 3 – The Revenue Sharing component of the JubiRev / JubiMax Comp Plan. This is an important milestone according to Beistle, “It means we are reaching the tipping point. We are on the verge of pure vertical growth.”

JubiRev / Jubimax is hailed as a "Internet Sensation" that attracted a large number of Online Marketers and Team Leaders, due to many reasons, some of which are:

1. The Right Leadership - The ability to share a vision with the masses!  The Jubi opportunity is packed with leaders. “I can name 10 leaders here without thinking, that have each built teams over 200k….” “More than 300k entrepreneurs and business owners around the world have trusted me to coach them and their teams over the last decade.” - J. Joshua Beistle.

2. A compensation plan based on the Revenue Share Model, that has already shown in the past to be able to create life changing income for many members who took this model seriously. The revenue sharing model is the most fair, and most powerful, where every single member can get paid regardless of his/her sponsoring abilities. The Jubi comp plan has 10 different WAYS of paying its members.

3. Compensation plan centered around products that form a BILLION DOLLAR Industry. Products and services people were already buying: Health and Wellness, Travel, and Online Shopping. “We have unique and proprietary and consumable products that are stand-alone. If you haven't heard about 'Net Zero Consumables', you will. We trademarked it.” This according to J. Joshua Beistle.

4. Timing is a key factor considering the state of the economy, and the magnitude of promise inherent in the Jubi opportunity.

5. With a world class marketing team in place, JubiRev / JubiMax is dedicated to teaching and training the next generation of leaders.

The JubiRev/JubiMax opportunity is exploding worldwide and rightly so as it will be an Internet Sensation, being the first program to offer a true product based Revenue Share Opportunity. Making money online is definitely not an easy thing to do but programs and supportive leaders  make it that much easier.  President  J. Joshua Beistle offers a challenge to leaders and would be leaders: “If you are a leader bring your team and I will take you to new heights you never dreamed possible. If you want to be a leader I will train you - this is the company that will train the NEXT Generation of Leaders.

JubiRev/JubiMax is a company whose vision is "to spark a Global economic movement and lead the Revenue Sharing Revolution while empowering people around the Globe to Look Good, Feel Good, and Live Good." A worthy vision indeed.