The first ever magnetic drink holder that will keep your can coozie, wine glass, or big tumbler from spilling at your next tailgate.

You’ve been there…It’s a perfect fall day. You’re at the season opener home football game! You’ve got all your tailgating gear out. You’ve cooked the best tailgate grub ever. Your coolers are full of the best drinks you can get. And you are settling in to enjoy great company and a great time! Ah... football is back!

Then you grab a plate, load it up with everything on the buffet table and grab an ice cold drink. You are ready to dig in. But then it hits you! You’ve only got two hands and each one is busy! How are you going to enjoy all the great food on your plate, keep your beverage from spilling and continue to party with your friends?

Enter the Kickoff Kaddy. This amazing, fun and new tailgate drink saver easily attaches (strong rare earth magnet) to metal – tent leg, car, grill, etc. – giving you a convenient and portable drink holder that stays where you want it. The Kickoff Kaddy holds with almost any drink container you can think of:

   Bottles - long neck or standard
   Insulated Plastic Tumblers – up to 24oz no sweat
   Coozied Drinks – a perfect fit
   Solo Cups – any size or color (even red)
   Sport Bottles - keep hydrated
   Coffee Mugs – for those cold weather games
   Wine Glasses – ladies enjoy tailgating also

The Kickoff Kaddy is designed to hold up to 2.5 lbs of liquid and container. Its amazingly strong grip comes from its rare-earth magnet which is coated with a silicone cover so it will not scuff or scratch delicate painted surfaces. The Kickoff Kaddy is also great for holding keys, cell phones, sunglasses, bottle openers and much more.

Your biggest challenge will be making sure you go home with all the Kickoff Kaddy units you brought to the party.  Your friends are going to love them.  So tell them to get their own. Or give them as gifts!

The Kickoff Kaddy uses a rare-earth magnet attached to a patent pending plastic “caddy cage” designed specifically to hold multiple kinds of beverage containers.