Kidbudget is dedicated to helping parents teach kids about money. The system we’ve created is fun, entertaining and interactive for kids. We feel strongly that at younger ages, kids learn best by a “hands on” method. They need to touch and feel money and see it come and go as they earn and spend it. This concrete method will help them understand money far better than numbers in a software program or web page. Piggy banks are great for very young children and teach basic concepts. However, the sooner you get your child to understand and manage their money, the better. Kidbudget provides the teaching and the tools to help that happen.

Part of the system is based on the time honored “envelope system.” You put money into an envelope (a pouch in our case) and when the money is gone, you stop spending. It’s that simple. To get kids to understand core money skills

Time, tools, and the lack of knowledge are just some of the challenges parents face. Kidbudget was designed to help on all fronts. We fully recognize that each family has different money value systems. That’s why the system is aimed at teaching eight money skills. These skills or principles CAN be learned by anyone. The system is completely adaptable to any value system. Parents decide their values and simply apply them to the skills the child is being taught.