There are many important lessons children need to learn, like sharing and caring, but two very important lessons children need to learn are patience and good manners. Patient, well-mannered children develop faster, interact with each other better, form social relationships faster, and have a better relationship with Teachers and figures of authority later on in life. Patience and good manners are crucial values to learn for children to develop properly and function to the best of their abilities later on in life. Ruby Raccoon is an easy to read, easily understood story of a curious little Raccoon who wants to find food and a place to sleep but he is impatient, and his impatience gets him into trouble. First, he is desperately looking for food, but steals some honey from bees and is stung. He finds an Old Wise Owl who begins to tell him where food is, but Ruby is impatient and doesn't let him finish his sentence, so he goes to the wrong place and gets a mouth full of spicy chilis. The Old Wise Owl tells him to be patient and listen before he acts, he goes to find a place to sleep and almost becomes the dinner of a sneaky snake. At this point, he realizes the value of patience, good manners and listening to good advice. He forms a friendship with the Owl Wise Owl for teaching him these incredibly important virtues.