Kidmoto Technologies™ started in New York City in late November 2016 and with the vision of providing safe airport transportation.  Kidmoto is about helping safety-minded parents navigate the complex and hazardous world of unsafe airport transportation.

Too often, parents are faced with the reality of just “jumping into a cab” with unrestrained children as they leave the airports, or unsecured taxis as they leave hotels to the airports.  Kidmoto has a vision which is to provide the convenience of accessible & safe airport ground transportation for families traveling to or from NYC airports. Kidmoto provides a solution to a real problem, car services do not provide harnessed and installed car seats.

The product is simple. Kidmoto uses an app to reach customers by connecting them to a network of professionally trained drivers who provide secured car seats for safe airport transportation.

Kidmoto provides a fresh perspective on the day-to-day hardships that face parents. Kidmoto solved the problem by creating a network of professionally-trained, Kidmoto certified, drivers. The concept of providing safe family airport transportation is now a reality because of lifelong entrepreneur and former NYC yellow taxi driver, Nelson Nigel.
Kidmoto Technologies™ addresses the safe transportation needs of parents traveling to or from NYC airports. Customers who use Kidmoto are seeking convenience and safe transportation for their small children. They want installed car seats for their children’s safety, but it was not available until now. Kidmoto provides installed car seats.

Kidrent is an add-on service providing parents convenience and access for renting strollers and Pack N Play play areas while staying in NYC.