Fully qualified teachers, linguists, teacher trainers and family advisors working with children, adolescents and adults. Authors of many innovative educational programmes and syllabi for ELT and Early Years. Coordinated the implementation of the Early Years Foundation Stage in childminding provisions and nurseries within the UK. National Vocational Qualifications Assessors in Children’s Care Learning and Development and Playwork. Early Years Professional Status Assessors for the biggest and most respected providers in the UK such as Canterbury University, Kingston University and the Tribal Group.

Our professional experience is also about cultures and places. Wherever we go, we inspire others. We have organised and promoted a variety of educational initiatives and workshops for families and children in Poland, Spain, United Kingdom and Greece. We have published dozens of Early Years articles regarding child development, positive parenting, partnerships with parents, inclusion, child protection, learning processes, children’s creativity, multilingualism, home schooling and multicultural education on the go.

In private life we are a travelling family successfully tutoring our own children on the go and fully dedicated to our life passion - inspiring individuals.

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