Kids R Kids Clayton is a locally owned and operated NC 5 Star licensed Learning Academy and preschool, owned by Tara and Greg Abernathy. We have been a part of the Kids R Kids family since 1999, when we enrolled our son at the Kids R Kids in Cary NC. He completed the preschool program and continued in the Before and After School program. We were so impressed with the Kids R Kids philosophy that we joined the Kids R Kids family as Owner/Operators in 2004. We opened Kids R Kids of Clayton on December 12, 2005. As any of our current parents can confirm, Tara is actively involved in the day to day operations of the school. We are very proud to provide the most innovative facilities and effective educational programs for children 6 weeks through 12 years of age.

Why should you enroll at our preschool? Consider some of these advantages we hold over our competitors:

We are driven by Continuous Improvement: We are constantly reviewing our work processes, methods, management practices that will translate to better providing our children with the best learning opportunities available. We take the time to listen to our parents` needs and suggestions; we recognize the Voice of the Customer concept of customer service through our Annual Parents Survey.

- We are conveniently located on US70 in Clayton. We purposely chose this location along the main traffic artery into Raleigh and RTP.

- We have extended business hours from 6:30 am - 6:30 pm for parents who have challenging work hours or extended transit times.

- We understand the challenges most parents face when the school systems close due to inclement weather yet have a job that requires them to come to work. You need child care, period! We pride ourselves as being one of the few child care facilities that pushes the envelope and stays open for parents who must push the envelope for their jobs. We have a remarkable staff who understand this and make the sacrifice to enable us to open for business when others are closed. If your current child care center is not open, we also welcome parents needing drop in child care service!

- Our curriculum is developed by professional educators from our corporate office. The vast majority of child care facilities require their teachers to develop the curriculum. That is time taken away from care of your child!

- Our school front door entrance is keypad-secured so that only parents and others approved by parents are able to enter our school. Your child`s safety is of utmost concern.

- Our Kids Cafe is unique to our industry! It is a dedicated cafe for children to eat freshly prepared meals from our full service kitchen. We have age-appropriate sized tables and chairs for the various age groups. Children learn table etiquette and become accustomed to leaving the classroom to eat their meals in a cafeteria; a skill they will need once they enter elementary school.

- Meals and snacks are included in our tuition. Many other centers require you to bring your own food.

- For children with food allergies, we have developed an ingenious system to carefully manage your child`s meals.

- Our Media Center has books, an interactive play stage, an audio center, and six dedicated computers with educational software. For your children`s safety, the content on these computers is locked and the internet connection is disabled. The older children`s classrooms have similar computers inside the classroom itself.

- We have four age-appropriate playgrounds so that children are playing with kids their own age on equipment that is best suited for their age.

- When your child enters elementary school, enroll in our Before & After School program! Elementary school programs are considerably shorter than parent`s workday (don`t forget about transit time!). We have three 14 passenger school buses with seat belts that we use to transport children to and from local elementary schools. So you can continue to drop off and pick up your child at times that are convenient to your workday.

- Most Before and After School programs force children into shared space with other programs. We have a large 2500 square foot room dedicated to the Before and After School program. They also enjoy the largest of our playgrounds, which includes a basketball court and soccer area. We also separate children in age groups since 6 year old can have different interests and conversations than that of an 11 year old child.

- Our Kindergarten program features a maximum 1:10 teacher to student ratio. For comparison, Wake County Public Schools Kindergarten ratios are at 1:21.5. Johnston County Public Schools ratios are 1:18.

At Kids R Kids Clayton we share a common desire with parents, which is to provide the absolute best for the children. Our high quality teachers, creative and fun educational programs and of course our state of the art facility make us stand high above our competitors.