Last year my husband Ian & I began the adventure of our lives!  
We left our careers headed on a 6,000 km road trip from Leamington,
Ontario through Mexico to do volunteer work and experience a different culture,
a different world, another life.

This exciting journey has taught us what matters most:  
your family and the friends you make your family.

As we left a gift was given to us that I will always cherish.  A video of our
friends from our hometown expressing their true feelings and support. I will
never forget how I felt when I watched it, and how loved it made me feel.

The effect of great pictures that protect the moments that matter as life
unfolds is truly priceless.

With an extreme passion for photography and the feelings it can convey, a
brilliant photographer invited me to work with him for a day during a wedding
shoot and it changed me forever. I knew this was the path for me. Create fun,
beautiful memories that my clients would treasure forever.

Married and the best of friends, we believe nothing in life is impossible.
To escape the Canadian winter, we currently live on Isla Mujeres, just off of Cancun.

As a team we want to capture your day in its essence.
All the details that make it unforgettable.
We make it fun, letting you relax and relish your day as it unfolds.

We will capture the emotion, happiness and excitement as you celebrate the
beauty of love.

Securing memories that will put you in the moment all over again…

That is our gift to you.