Kimber Acosta (aka Kimberlie Acosta) is a world renown photographer. Her work has been featured & published online, and in magazines, newspapers, books, tour booklets, newsletters, brochures, music videos, and albums around the world. Pieces of her work are also hung in museums across the country.

As a published author, business consultant, producer, director, news anchor, entertainment host, editor, marketing/advertising director, journalist, photographer, solutions authority, and online guru, Kimber Acosta has been setting trends while expanding her career titles and gaining accolades for three decades.

Through her own determination and compassion for others she has built a self-taught career on lifting others up by continuing to shine a light on those that she felt had been left in the dark.

Kimber brings a multicultural approach to her unique worldview; her ethnic background is a mixture of Ojibwe from the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, Cree First Nations, French and German.