The KindBrain Foundation uses innovative tools and outside the box approaches to promote and fund cutting-edge neuroscience research. We use crowdsourcing to get ideas for research, to get high quality educational content and to crowdfund research grants.

KindBrain was invented by researchers involved in a pro bono project on PHARMiQUEST, an online community and “intelligence exchange” for neuroscientists. The idea was to reach out for funding in the same spirit as on PHARMiQUEST – where collaboration meets crowdfunding. Pro bono projects are simply pro bono, with no financial incentive, and will continue to be such, but we thought it would also be great to support innovation where real money is needed the most. The Kind Brain Foundation was established to manage the online fundraising project.

KindBrain, is an innovative way to get more funding for innovation in neuroscience. We are not collecting money for our own research – we do encourage researchers to join PHARMiQUEST and use the platform to share ideas and help discover new cures or scrutinize evidence on existing treatments. Instead, we transfer 100% proceeds from KindBrain to Brain Research Foundation to support cutting-edge research and innovation at leading neuroscience institutions.

Out mission is not only to help fund, but also to promote neuroscience research. The most worthy of promotion are initiatives not requiring any funding while remaining independent from industry sponsorship or other vested interests. Pro Bono projects on the PHARMiQUEST community platform are exactly that: pro bono and independent. In Pro Bono researchers initiate and coordinate projects typically involving data analysis, literature review, methods and tools development or simply explore hypotheses and options for funding. Research does not only happen in “wet labs” or using high tech equipment, much research at really about assessment of existing medical technologies, base don published journal articles and clinical trial results.

While PHARMiQUEST is only open to researchers working in neuroscience, neurology, psychiatry or related fields, requests for projects to be posted on the platform are welcome from the wider community, including charitable organizations. Please get in touch with KindBrain if you would like to suggest a topic to be explored by neuroscientists and do support us via www.kindbrain.org.