We believe that technology is an indispensable tool. We believe everyone should be able to have easy use technology and technology that just works. We believe technology should not cost a fortune to use or to implement. We believe that every technology need and solution is unique. We believe in being different than every other technology company.

We have expertise in several facets of technology from custom software, to hardware. We provide custom tailored technology solutions to solve your problem. We maintain partnerships with several companies, this provide us a diverse set of tools and products to design custom solutions with.

Kineteka manufactures, sells, and installs a variety of products ranging from circuit boards to computers.

For nearly a decade the Kineteka brands have provided technologies that springboard hobbies and passions into success.

In the '90s, iNetDisplay provided real-time, Internet-based displays and advertising. Later generations became the popular VideoSlide with the PIB (Projector Interface Box) which allowed 35mm cinema projectors to control DLP projectors. Also for pre-show audio entertainment and advertising was the CinemaRadio service. Kineteka quickly expanded to include a variety of solutions from MP3 accessories to GPS-based trackers. More recently, we've expanded into less typical applications for technology such as cake decorating, fashion design, pet toys, and performance arts.