Kingdom Empowerment, Inc. is a Brooklyn, NY incorporation that is established to provide Christian Life Coaching, Christian Leadership Coaching, and Ministry/Business Coaching to individuals, groups, and through E-Coaching online.

Most of our services are extended to help persons globally by adding value to their vision and goals.

Christian Leadership

We coach you to excel in the areas you want your Christian Leadership vision and goals to transform strategically from a global perspective.

Life Coaching

We are trained and experience to coach you in all areas of your life that you want to grow in and be successful.  We assist persons with transitioning into the United States successfully by coaching along the way.

Business and Ministry Coaching

We coach you in starting your new business and ministry in the United States based on your vision and goals that you have been inspired to fulfill.

Ordained and Licensed Pastoral Services

We provide Wedding Coaching Services and Officiate Weddings for Christian couples.

Christian Life Coach Training and Certification

We provide Christian Life Coaching Training and Certification.

Your focus to succeed is our focus.