At Kinsell Law Firm, the Gainesville criminal defense team takes proactive and aggressive action on behalf of their clients who have been charged with offenses such as DUI, theft, fraud, drug possession, assault, murder, rape and more. The firm has two former State Prosecutors on staff, which enables them to bolster their defense strategies with the prosecution’s tactics and approaches in mind. During his time as prosecutor, Attorney Kinsell handled thousands of criminal cases, so he is intimately familiar with all of the behind-the-scenes attitudes, biases and methods of the prosecution. The high quality of this firm is due to more than just their background, however. They are highly attentive to each client and they listen to their client’s story, needs and questions. Additionally, they are adept at conducting meticulous investigations in order to find all of the evidence salient to the case. Visit their website at: http://www.gainesvillecriminaldefensefirm.com/