3 Key Elements is a training and mentoring company teaching body language, presentation skills and mentoring tools, for professional and personal development. We view our role in the marketplace as an education company training people to improve their lifestyle through classes, products, and services in groups and as individuals. Our team of independent trainers and mentors teach body language shows, do public speaking engagements, professional development training, and personal and professional mentoring for success. Our main classes include the Body Language Show, Master of Influence, Present Yourself, and Art of Mentoring. Our mentoring program includes In Motion Mentoring Live and Online group mentoring, Building a Mind of Steel Broadcast for families, and Building a Mind of Steel Individual Mentoring programs.

Our core values include creating a high standard of business and relationship practices in our industry, provide outstanding customer service, develop trusted relationships with customers, pioneer the training and mentoring industry, deliver a top notch and moral learning atmosphere.
Our key principles are integrity, honesty, ownership, accountability, speed and entrepreneurial spirit. Our mission is to empower the human family with the skills to free their mind, clear their heart and create what they can envision. Our value message is, “A vision board on every wall and a set of declarations in every hand.”