Kirschbaum Strings & Grips, born 20 years ago, is a German tennis string manufacturer with international growing markets.

Founded by Horst Kirschbaum and owned and run by the family, displays its name “Kirschbaum” in a cherry logo that translated to German means “Cherry Tree”.

Pioneer of polyesters in tennis strings, Kirschbaum is devoted to pursue the union of durability, power, and control in its strings, achieving ever faster, precise and more arm indulgent products.
Recognizing the diversity of players needs, game styles and evolving parallel technologies, Kirschbaum has developed a great variety of strings and gauges that almost customizes the racquet/string combination to take most advantage of each player's skills and types of game styles.

The knowledge accured, constant survey and players feedback reassures that its product will remain at the cutting edge of all technologies and looks to a bright future for the years to come.
Without extreme marketing expenditures Kirschbaum has approximately 5000 players worldwide under contract, among them are the top juniors of many countries and naturally numerous professionals of the ATP and WTA. Also supports as official sponsors the USTA Florida and Caribbean sections.

From central Europe a network of representatives based in 40 countries distributes and supports the strings worldwide.

Kirschbaum USA is the exclusive and official USA, Canada, Caribbean and Central American partner since 2005 following the support and knowledge acquired by successful introductions of Kirschbaum in other countries and sharing the company's vision of doing business in tennis.