We are a Houston, Texas based contracting firm, specializing in roofing for both commercial and residential structures. It is our mission to perform excellent work for our clients, to leave your structure with higher value than when we started, and to satisfy our customers to the highest extent. Kirtley and Sons Roofing has been in business for nearly 5 decades because of the quality of our work and the excellent experience provided to our customers.

Kirtley and Sons Roofing prides itself on excellent craftsmanship with excellent materials. We use the best materials for each job and take into account every factor when estimating cost, with a mind to give you an excellent, quality roof at a reasonable cost for your family or business. Our team of experts will come to your property, assess the construction amount, installation difficulty, and material needs. With these assessments complete, our team will create an estimate, and with great care, complete this plan according to budget and on time.

Kirtley & Sons Roofing specializes in all types re-roof applications for both residential and commercial structures including: built-up tar & gravel, modified bitumen membrane, TPO membranes, or composition shingles. Our crews consist of highly trained installers who have years of experience in roof application and repair. We not only try to install the best possible roof, but also to alleviate the troubled areas that will in turn provide you with years of satisfaction in knowing that even the smallest details were attended to. We believe it is the combination of both of these qualities that insure our roofs will be installed properly, and that you will get the best job possible with peace of mind for years to come.

As we all know, roof leak repair can be an elusive thing that can cause thousands of dollars in damage, not counting the hours of frustration. There are many companies today that have terrific salesmen with great smiles and a joke for every situation, but lack the experience and know how in actual roof repair. Not everyone who installs roofs can assess leaks and make the proper repair. Kirtley & Sons Roofing is a leader in the field of roof repair that consists of nearly 5 decades of experience on most types of roofs with quick response times. So whatever your need may be, we can service it.

Kirtley & Sons Contracting, Inc. offers services for both commercial and residential waterproofing. We have provided service in 11 states for clients needing all different types of waterproofing from clear base waterproofing, to acrylics and elastomerics. So no matter what the need may be, Kirtley & Sons Contracting, Inc. will be happy to evaluate and make a recommendation for your particular situation.

It doesn’t take a bad economy to come to the conclusion that re-roofing an entire building is not always the best answer. With petroleum prices and demand the way they are, sometimes it’s more feasible to restore an existing roof and add many more years of quality life, instead of just condemning it for a re-roof. Here at Kirtley & Sons Roofing, we offer many types of roof restorations for metal roofs, modifieds, TPO, EPDM, and PVC membranes that are Eco friendly and Energy Star rated.

From the very first automobile we owned, we learned that, "The life of a car is in its oil change." The same principle applies to the longevity of a roof. It is vital for a roof to maintain a good top surface that is constantly exposed to the elements. Kirtley & Sons Roofing offers some of the best coatings on the market today consisting of elastomerics, acrylics, and poly-glycos to insure that your roof gets all the life it was intended to have. Not only does your roof last longer, but the energy savings can be substantial due to their Energy Star rating. Kirtley & Sons Roofing also offers over 38 years of experience in waterproofing brick, cinder block, and concrete of all types. With today’s state of the art technology in waterproofing products, we can inspect, evaluate, and recommend the best application to fit your individual need.