Kitemill develops new Airborne Wind Energy Technology. Key figures are:
Proven technology. We have measured the energy output from our prototypes, confirming the calculations in our businessplan. 
Autonomous in all operational phases. We successfully demonstrated a fully autonomous kite turbine prototype in 2016, mitigating the risks regarding the concept.
First kite-wind-farm in the world. Kitemill will install 5 units of 30 kW each in Lista, Norway in 2017, demonstrating a scaled up design towards a pre-commercial solution. 
Granted license to operate from Norwegian Civil Aviation Authorities.
Optimal test facilities at Lista airport, Norway make life a lot easier: our workshop is located right next to the testfield.
Research & Development program based on "best practice" from DNV GL - leading provider of classification, technical assurance, software and independent expert advisory services to the maritime, oil & gas and energy industries. Kitemill was established in 2008. We designed and tested 35 and 50 square meter large soft kites, and measured higher performance than expected. DNV issued a Statement of Feasability for the technology in 2010. Our R&D program was improved in 2012, as Kongsberg Innovasjon entered as a shareholder in Kitemill, and assisted strongly in the development of our control system. We are now working towards 24/7 operation in all weather conditions. Our small (5 kW) platform allows us to develop full functionality before scaling up: this has proven to be cost beneficial and efficient.
Production process is planned in cooperation with close partners, and the volume production will be outsourced. This model secures key competence within the company, without major growth limiting obligations.
Kongsberg Innovasjon provides resources within aerodynamics, structures, the control system and flight testing.
Transition Robotics, Inc. leads the development of the vertical take-off and landing system.
Einar Øgrey Farsund is a mechanical workshop with access to CNC machines.
Siemens provides electronic components.
Ploughman Vingtoft contributes with intellectual property matters.
HWN 500: the airborne wind energy network where Kitemill is an industry member.
In addition, Kitemill is currently in process with production partners in the commercial part of the business. We cooperate closely with universities such as TU Delft and DTU Risø in research areas.