Buy & Sell Your Own Beer Kits

Kit Lab is an online marketplace where brewers can upload their recipes to sell as made-to-order beer kits. When a kit sells, Kit Lab packs and ships the kits and splits the profits with the author.

As an author, you simply upload your recipe and Kit Lab will send you payments for the life of your kit.

It's that simple.

How Kit Lab Works

It's easy. To sell your homebrew recipes as beer kits, all you have to do is upload a recipe and mark it as public. That's it! Looking to drum up sales for your kits? Share your recipes on your favorite forums and social networks and make sure to include a link to your kit so folks can easily find and buy it.

When your kit sells, we will pack it (made fresh to order - your kits ingredients will never be stale), ship it, and credit your account for your cut of the sale. Every month we'll make a deposit to the account of your choice with your earnings.

Who Is Kit Lab For?

Brewers who want to shop for new, original homebrew kits will love Kit Lab. Since anyone can post kits to the marketplace, you can find kits from your favorite home brewing forum members, your favorite brewing magazines, and even your favorite breweries. The site allows buyers to find kits that have won competitions, subscribe to their favorite authors, and to submit feedback about purchased kits to other potential buyers.

Home brewers who have created great home brewing recipes will love to sell their kits on Kit Lab. Brewers can can upload recipes once and earn income off of their kits for life. The more highly rated authors' kits are, they more they will sell.

Organizations such as brew clubs, non-profits, brewing publications and breweries will all love using their existing platforms to sell kits and further fund their organizations.

How Authors Make Money

Authors will be paid $1/gallon for the entire life of their kits. Sell four 5-gallon kits this month? We owe your $20. Sell ten 10-gallon kits? You've got $100 coming your way - all for that one great recipe you uploaded once.

When you consider that we deal with all aspects of fulfillment, customer service, and payment processing, being an author on Kit Lab couldn't be easier.