Originally, K.L. Nappier didn't realize she was considered a cross-over writer.

First published by the Berkeley Publishing Group in the early '90's, she tried to toe the popular line but found she was ill suited to the trends of mainstream, formulaic writing. Her penchant for "not letting a genre get in the way of a good story" was a liability rather than an asset.

It wasn't until the age of genre busting, breakthrough authors like Chuck Palahniuk, China Miéville and Dennis Lehane (the latter handpicking her for his 2006 Writers in Paradise workshop) when Kathy's work began attracting attention in the independent publishing industry.

In 2004, Kathy re-emerged on the literary scene with Full Wolf Moon, published first as an ebook with Double Dragon Publishing. Part thriller, part horror, part spiritual philosophy and social commentary, Full Wolf Moon won multiple awards in the independent press industry and critical praise among the online independent critics' circles. In the new era of publishing created by the Internet, K.L. Nappier's originality and style have found their place.

Since then, Kathy's work has attracted thousands of readers and continues to win awards and critical praise. She has been interviewed on television as well as in print, and via podcast and online radio. She tours regularly as a guest author, as well as scheduling individual readings and signings.

All of Kathy's books and novels are available as either ebooks, paperbacks or both.