What does Executive Director Group do?

Marketing: Business Plan Development, Strategic Marketing, Direct Mail, Long-Range Planning and Board Facilitation.

Public Relations: Press Release Writing, Media Outreach, Beneficial Networking, Professional Representation at press events and on television or radio.

Meeting Management: Meeting Schedule Creation, Agenda Development, Recording of Minutes,
and Creation of Resulting Reports

Event Planning: Our Event Team can manage your trade show, education event or annual meeting.
We have experience that will help you save time, money and costly errors. Full services include,
securing location, manage location contract to YOUR advantage. Hire and confirm speakers and sponsors, design and mail brochure. Maintain registration list,  arrange meals and entertainment as is required. Be on-site during the event to act as liaison with location staff.

Newsletter Design: We can design, write and edit a complete newsletter based on your topics
of interest. Even a simple quarterly newsletter will be an asset to your organization. Let us show you how to draw your current members in, or let us help you grow your membership or client base. We are well versed in my industry topics. If your business is new to us, we will make certain
to "learn your language" and speak to your members or clients from an informed place.

Web Design and Maintenance: We can completely redesign a website for you, or keep
your current website up-to-date.

Billing/Bookkeeping: Membership database management and billing, as well as special invoices as required.