Karina Chapman's first book ‘Hair Secrets’ was written after determining a need in the market for a book of helpful professional information aimed at consumers wanting to keep their hair looking great between salon visits.

She is currently writing a series called "The Vixen's Secret Handbook".

Series Overview
A mysterious stranger hands a magical book to Arleia at a psychic fair. It's forgotten for years; until newly single Arleia remembers its existence. She uses the Vixen’s Secret Handbook to embark on an exciting journey to successfully date several men at once, openly flouting the rules of society.
Her Vixenly quest of on-line dating leads her on adventures with international men, fetishes, and attractive younger ‘Marks’ to date around the world. While following the Handbooks’ guidance she has successful dates, but when she forgets to follow its’ advice she experiences a disaster date.
Purposefully avoiding monogamous relationships by following the handbooks guidance, Arleia makes a point of questioning society's expectations, rules and beliefs. Her quest is to sidestep love… Is this possible, or will she be hoodwinked back into a monogamous love match?