“What you cannot define you cannot reproduce, what you cannot reproduce you cannot measure, what you cannot measure you cannot control or manage”
Kurtis Smith President & CEO K-Method Group, Inc.

About The K-Method Group
The K-Method Group is a training organization specializing in teaching businesses and their selling professionals how to build, maintain and manage their book of business. The company operates its own online training platform called the K-Method Success Academy, where businesses and their selling professionals can subscribe for any of its ready-made proprietary training courses or have a learning plan customized for the individual’s personal developmental needs. Its focus is on delivering the core competencies in a step-by-step process along with the necessary tools individuals will need in order to achieve results that are predictable, repeatable and track-able.

K-Method Areas of Expertise
The K-Method Group specializes in the design, set up and implementation of systems, strategies and processes that support Business Development and Customer Relationship Management activities of organizations and their selling professionals. The company’s Founder & CEO, Kurtis Smith, developed these systems and processes out of necessity and as an answer to the ambiguous activities that selling professionals experience on a daily basis.  The company’s focus is to provide a roadmap that teaches the step-by-step activities that professionals will need to know in order to excel in these areas to build and sustain a profitable book of business.

K-Method Success Academy
The K-Method Group operates the K-Method Success Academy, a web based learning center that delivers its proprietary training curriculum as well as provides the resources and tools for individuals’ consumption and corporate training solutions. Its flagship training program is called Professional Standards for Sales Excellence (PSSE) and is a complete curriculum that consists of over 30 individual courses capable of being configured to meet the unique developmental needs of the individual.  This comprehensive solution consists of training videos, workbooks, webinars and custom learning plans, all designed to produce measurable results for its subscribers.

About the Learning Platform
K-Method Success Academy is an on-demand learning platform designed to deliver content 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This on-demand delivery model is designed to meet or exceed the most stringent security, reliability, scalability, and performance standards. There is no hardware or software to buy, install, or maintain. Users only require access to the Internet. This hassle-free approach is a smarter, more cost-effective alternative to the demands of traditional software system ownership, substantially reducing infrastructure and operational costs, as well as deployment time. Highlights of the K-Method Success Academy’s learning platform features: on-demand web based training with 24/7 availability; scalable & cost effective training tool that empowers managers to engage employees with meaningful personnel development exercises; and essential tool for promoting ongoing training to achieve skill mastery.