Welcome to KMITE (Katyayani Marketing & Info Tech Enterprises)

It is a big challenge these days to run a business smoothly as there are many areas for an entrepreneur to focus on. The primary challenge for an entrepreneur is to find the right professionals or experts for each and every functional area of the business. Every entrepreneur will no doubt has his/her core competency in one or several functional areas of the business but not all so that he can manage all the executives/managers efficiently.

Relax. KMITE is here to help you in the following functional areas with experts having more than two decades of experience in the relevant functions of the business. Hand us over the responsibility of any of the following functions of your business so that you can focus more on your core competence in order to achieve the best productivity.

Web hosting to host their website
Web designing to design their website
Customised software development to meet the business requirements
Marketing in the traditional methods
Online Marketing of their products
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for their website in order to draw good and potential traffic from their target segment customers
Training back end staff to utilise IT resources properly
Marketing training to marketing people in order to promote the products
Sales training to sales people in order to achieve better sales
Soft skills training to all the staff members in order to achieve enhanced productivity
Finally, the most important proper funding to the business in terms of working capital

There is a huge gap between the demand and supply of the above services. KMITE is found to bridge this gap with all the above services offered under one roof