KnowElla offers the latest development in tablet PC Technology, and mobile computing solutions.  Our unique product line incorporates the ease of resistive touch screen input with the convenience of electronic handwriting recognition to create new mobile solutions for on the go professionals.  Our Flagship is the "Ella" system that is utilized in department stores such as Sears, Walmart, etc. "Ella" will replace paper signage and will be affixed  to individual products being displayed in retailers showrooms such as a refrigerator for example. When securely mounted to the product "Ella" dynamically updates pricing, inventory, and provides accurate product information.  "Ella" pulls this information directly from that retailers own web page. Also, "Ella"  provides competitors pricing for the same model, allowing your business the ability to provide low price guarantees on that specific model.  Since all signage in retail type stores are paper and changed by individual employees it greatly reduces overhead.  Once placed on the model it is no longer necessary to update pricing. "Ella" does it for you.