Founded in 2001, Knowledge Mosaic has emerged as a leading provider of online information resources to the securities and financial services industries. Located in the industrial underbelly of Seattle—in modern facilities amidst train yards and commercial fishing docks—Knowledge Mosaic employs the most advanced digital technologies to serve the information needs of legal and financial professionals around the world.

Our Customers

Knowledge Mosaic web-based management tools and current awareness publications help our users stay on top of the mountains of data and quickly shifting terrain that characterize these highly regulated industries. We serve numerous Fortune 500 companies, major regulatory bodies and educational institutions, some of the world’s most prominent global financial institutions, commercial banks, investment and accounting firms, and most of the largest North American law firms.

Our Philosophy

Knowledge Mosaic Inc. identifies distinct knowledge areas and builds frameworks of understanding based on the internal logic and relationships of the data within these areas. Each knowledge area is addressed as a system of information rather than as discrete sets of documents. By mapping the data multi-dimensionally, we transform static documents into repositories of information, enabling users to search, navigate, and combine the information in limitless new ways.

How We Do It

Unlike other, similar providers, Knowledge Mosaic Inc. is a pure Internet company, with no legacy print commitments and heavy overhead to maintain and support. We rely on innovative, state-of-the-art technology, commanded by the brain power of our incomparable team of engineers. Our relatively small size allows us to be nimble, flexible, and extraordinarily responsive to the needs of our customers. With our simple organizational structure and unwavering commitment to value, we are one of the most efficient, accessible, and client-centered businesses you will ever encounter.