Know Lodge is located at 375 15th st. in downtown Oakland. It is a multi use gallery space committed to sharing culture through monthly art shows.

In the coming year from Know Lodge, look forward to multi media and experiential shows including visual, performance, video, projection, installation, and other forms of un-categorized works from the Bay Area and beyond.

“Openings bring together several aspects of culture, and are going to be an important element of our presence on the block. Community access is our top priority”, says head curator Joseph Lucas. “It’s about the experience, without needing to buy into it. This space is just as much for someone who is not buying art as it is for someone who is buying art.”

The Know Collective began in 2004 as an Oakland based micro radio station. Over the last decade they have produced art shows, plays, performance pieces, Youtube content and concerts.  They are proud to offer a new art lodge for creative minds to congregate. The new space is the brainchild of local curator Josef Lucas and street artist Bud Snow.

Owner of Know Lodge, Bud Snow is a muralist and studio artist, with public work from Canada to Long Beach. Head curator Joseph Lucas is an Oakland based curator and promoter that has staged shows at Abco, Liminal Artspace, Mama Buzz Café, This Party Blows, and most recently, Naming Gallery.