Komodo Publishing was founded in 2010 by world-renown artist, author and educator Bill Fleming. Bill’s books have sold more than 1 million copies and while that may have been a great success, Bill wanted better. He wanted to reach more people, to inspire them. He wanted a change in publishing, a change in approach and a change in content. So, Bill launched his own publishing company with the simple goal of delivering ‘Inspiring Books for Inspired People.’

Bill’s ‘do anything’ attitude has inspired tens of thousands of people around the world to follow their dreams and passions. Bill has spent more than two decades sharing his ex¬traordinary insight into how to make life more rewarding and truly ‘live.’ His ability to clearly communicate simple solutions to an abundance of life’s quandaries has changed countless lives.

At Komodo Publishing we have one simple mission: to provide inspiration and education in support of the community. We are focused on community support, 100% support. You will find that Komodo Publishing books are unique. They are brief, informative, inspirational and to the point. We do not believe in padding page count to justify retail pricing. Our goal is to provide you a maximum value in a page count that is easy on the eyes and easy to read. To that end we strive to give you the very best with the least amount of effort on your part. Your satisfaction is as much a priority to us as the efforts we make to support the community. After all, you are the community.