Art Kompetes is a new and exciting start up that is changing the face of the art world. It is powered by Kompetes™ – a competition platform with a difference. As well as providing invaluable news about art competitions and art related topics, it is a place that encourages people to be creative alongside creating opportunities for every kind of artist.

Art Kompetes aims to inspire artists and creators to achieve more, win more and develop more.

By signing up for the Kompetes™ app, artists can join a community that helps them thrive as well as enter the unique Art competitions that are designed to elevate artistic skills to their highest level.

Art is our obsession – we think every creative talent deserves recognition and can be developed. That’s why we created Artkompetes – to challenge every artist to achieve all that they can.

•   More than a website – artkompetes inspires and informs artists of every kind.

•   More than a competition – the artkompetes community helps every member become more creative and professional.

•   More than a showcase – artkompetes opens the door to a successful artistic lifestyle, whether you’re seeking a career, recognition for your talent or just to measure yourself against others with similar artistic passions.

As artists ourselves, we discovered that being pushed to create was beneficial to us. It helped us to move beyond our limits to create more and at a higher level. This platform is designed to nurture artistic talent and push development. Art Kompetes is a community that competes, supports and above all – creates.