Konsole Business Solutions

Konsole business solutions private limited, a part of Konsole group, is the leading digital Marketing agency from Chhattisgarh. We managed the marketing and communication strategy of BJP in C.G. assembly elections and 2014 Parliamentary elections.

Initially started as IT firm in the year 2008, Konsole Business Solutions provides Facebook Marketing, google advertising, Email Marketing, bulk SMS services, voice call, e-mail and website development like services to its umbrella of clients from various industries and backgrounds.

Facebook Marketing:

Facebook Marketing in simple words it is a modern way of advertising and making people aware of your brand or business.Facebook is the largest social network in the world.  More than 1.23 billion people use Facebook and 62% of them log in on the daily base.

Under Facebook Marketing, we promote the business of our clients with Facebook pages and Facebook advertisements targeted at specific geographical areas, ages, education levels and even the types of devices used for browsing.

When Facebook users like a Business Facebook page, they'll automatically receive updates from that page in their Facebook. Business can attract new customers by providing various offers and schemes to potential customers on facebook while keeping existing customers engaged.

Digital Marketing:

We provide digital marketing services like SEO, Goggle Adwords, E-mail marketing, web analytics, content marketing.

It is a unique and modern way of marketing with internet technologies, which helps to promote business or brands digitally. Using digital marketing you can interact with your customers and take their positive and negative feedback. Digital marketing makes information about your business or products is easily accessible on the internet.

We not only promote our client's business or brands but also allows their online customers support to make them feel important and valuable.

Web Designing:

We understand your requirements and design websites which is SEO optimized to promote your business at best affordable prices. We focus on our client's motto of making a website and design it according to their customers need. We also help our clients to fulfill their goals of engagement.

With experience of  nine years we make world class websites which get our clients in forefront. All clients are satisfied with our websites with excellent experience while eliciting testimonials and word of mouth referrals.

Mobile Marketing:

Mobile is one of the easiest and popular communication tool which is also a popular marketing method. We promote our client's product or brand using bulk SMS, voice call, whatsapp marketing where we send small chunk of information to your targeted audience.

We use automated personalization to create SMS campaign which  attract your targeted audience and increase engagement with your products.  We provide detailed reports to review.  Boost engagement with your customers with our Mobile Marketing Services.

Media Planning:

Media planning is planning and synchronizing of all media communication  to achieve unifying Marketing objective. We provide complete media solution which includes print media, outdoor media, FM, digital media, theatre advertisement etc. We analyze market and then make strategy plan to promote your brand or business.  

Digital Marketing is the latest marketing channel which is more effective than traditional marketing. You can promote your business with digital marketing too. If you need advice or consultation on what digital marketing can do for your business. Give us a call on 09826112550 and we will be happy to assist you.