The International Internet Service Konstuktor.com was awarded as the best innovative product of 2015, included in the TOP 5 American startups. The market experts are positioning the service as a competitor to social networks. Konstruktor.com has already changed the idea of the principles of effective cooperation between active people.

This is the first system created initially for people, and not for companies. The uniqueness of Konstruktor that it consists the maximum information integration. You don’t need a large number of different accounts to solve your daily issues, it will save you a lot of time.

There is no longer a need to copy and paste the same type of information on different resources to solve the same problem. Every user can find everything inside Konstruktor. A unique rating system will allow you to make any decisions, even if you are not an expert in this issue, Konstruktor will offer the best option for solving your problem.

303 Twin Dolphin drive, 6th floor,

Konstruktor its first creative environment