Here at kooio.com we have taken the latest online ‘gig/freelance’ concept and plugged it into the service industry making us the first marketplace where you can buy services in the UK for a fixed price.

Whether you are a plumber, electrician, event planner, wedding planner, musician, landscaper or even an entertainer…the list goes on. If you can name a service to sell, we will help you promote it! There are menus on the site that will show you the on-line categories available.

Kooio is the world’s First Services Marketplace.

You can buy or sell any services at a fixed price.

This platform utilises the ‘gig format’ to put your new job acquisition on auto pilot. Its true! Just post your service and then follow up with the responses you get. This MUST be easier than the way you do it now – I KNOW it is!

So stop wasting your time with old, obsolete methods and climb onboard the fast track to new client success.

You’ll be very glad you did!

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