The question over the years has always been "Why can't The Bahamas and The Caribbean have their own unique Social Network"? The answer to that is quite simple. Its because it has just never been done before. For years smaller countries and the citizens of those countries, normally follow after the "Big Fish" Is it because they do not have the skill set to create something of their own an interviewer asked once. If I may so kind to answer that, here is how I would put it. Timing is everything, and before, those people who followed were just not ready yet. Today, there is a totally different perspective on the whole matter. I personally believe, that over the last few years we have seen some very innovative ideas, and it is also trending worldwide, if i may add to that further. The Koolfriends social network is a perfect example of this. Although its concept is aimed at both the international and local community, a lot of focus and concentration, is being placed on developing the social network in The Bahamas and The Caribbean. This is not to say that peolpe in these regions should not be a part of the greater social community network by any means. The koolfriends network at WWW.KOOLFRIENDS.COM was created to give everybody that joins, a feeling of ownership. To have something that particularly focuses on a specific region or group of people, while still connecting them, with the international community. This is one of the reasons why members are given so much freedom to advertise their businesses, their personal networks, and to create an unlimited social network, with their own touch of class. So if we can revert to the earlier paragraph, I would like to assert my statement here " Now is the time" It has arrived, and the people are ready for exponential growth, and by all means they have the foundation to do it at will. Finally, the social infrastructure, or in simple terms "The engine to propell the Social Network Is Here" Visit KoolFriends and become a free member and make your impact in society, and the world at large.