The concept of Kool Kidz Galore was created due to a homework assignment our 9 year old son was given. The assignment consisted of creating an invention that relates to or improves upon some aspect of his daily life. After several days of pondering the assignment, my wife suggested our son create something that would remind him to do his homework. Since remembering to do his homework was somewhat of a struggle, this solution appeared to be the obvious choice.

Our son has Aspergers Syndrome, so it's always cool watching him create an idea or concept that makes his life that much more fulfilling. After several days of experimenting, our son created a folder designed to remind him of pending homework assignments (sorry, I cannot disclose of the actual concept. The details are "Top Secret" according to our son).

After marveling over his creation, my curiosity was stirred as I researched several brand name stores in search of customized folders. The idea was to find something other than the typical printed folders we've grown accustomed to. To my surprise none were to be found. At that moment the journey materialized to create hand crafted customized folders modeled after various characters.

From this experience, Kool Kidz Galore's goal is to create beautifully hand crafted folders. We hope to meet your needs by creating something fun but most of all something valued.


Lionel Sneed

Founder & CEO of Kool Kidz Galore