kooma•looma is an Open Coalition Loyalty Program and Platform that allows E and M-Commerce providers and App publishers to easily manage promotions and reward programs on their stores, increase loyal users and attract new customers.
kooma•looma is a digital bonus program based on points that users earn for their mobile and online purchases to obtain rewards and gifts they dream.

kooma•looma provides its partners a loyalty Platform as-a-Service with easy to integrate APIs and widgets designed for mobile / web browsers and the app ecosystem. The solution offers a  web panel that allows partners to manage promotions, analyse aggregated customer behaviours and make data driven marketing decisions.

Users earn points for the purchases they make and can spend them to redeem discounts, special offers, free purchases or rewards such as gift cards to be used on the major online and app stores.
Accumulation partners use kooma•looma to retain current customers, increasing loyalty, purchases and the value of their offer.
Redeem partners use kooma•looma to create awareness of their offer and develop a new revenue stream by attracting online and mobile customers and enabling them to spend their points.
Full partners use kooma•looma for both accumulation and redeem purposes, thus offering promotions and rewards to their customers and increasing their sales.

kooma•looma specializes in the mobile and online commerce sector, with great emphasis on the needs of digital companies. The offer is designed on an easy to integrate and manage platform as-a-service, optimized for digital shopping user experiences.  

The Company is Headquartered in Maastricht, Netherlands