With Kore.ai-built chatbots digital customer interactions become faster, smoother and more human, and employee work simpler and more efficient.

Gartner has identified Kore.ai as a ‘Cool Vendor in Social Software and Collaboration’ for 2016.

Kore.ai is a strategic partner of choice for Facebook, SAP, Cisco and other leading global major system integrator companies. Its enterprise-grade Bots Platform enables companies to design, build and deploy chatbots across various channels – with unmatched intelligence, speed to market and ROI. It has more than 150 pre-built bots on its platform, which are powered by AI, ML, NLP and speech recognition, and can be deployed across industries and functions.

Kore.ai was founded in 2014. In just three short years, 150 people (~100 software engineers and product teams) built the Kore.ai Bots Platform, the 150+ bots in the Bots Store, and the Kore.ai Smart Bots for Banking, Sales, Customer Support, Commerce and IT Help Desk.

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Kore.ai has people located in New York and other areas of the U.S., Europe, and a large engineering team presence in Hyderabad, India.