KORE was founded in 2006 after owner Kenneth Sloan saw a need in the market for a one-stop shop for off roaders. As a family owned and operated business, we're eager to help with all of your custom fabrication, custom tube bending, wheel and axle, and truck accessory needs on a personal level. If you're in the area, be sure to make it a point to stop and chat for a bit. It's always a pleasure to make new friends in the off road community.

We do some of the best custom work in the area for 4x4 trucks. We also carry 4x4 parts and other auto parts from some of the best brands around, including our own line of parts and accessories. We carry 9-inch axles, bumpers, truss systems, axles, bumpers, diff covers, differential gears, Ford 9 inch rear ends, Chevy rear ends, mounts, off road tube chassis, shocks, skid plates, Ford parts, Jeep parts, Jeep accessories, and more! We work on Ford trucks, Chevy trucks, Jeeps including the cj, xj, and yj models, and more. We can even do ground-up work such as building you a custom off road tube buggy. We build and customize off road vehicles because we love to help new offroaders take 4x4 Jeeps offroading.

King's Off Road Enterprise was founded on the principle of making quality components that work for off road enthusiasts just like us. We offer 4x4 parts and accessories including 9-inch axles, bumpers, diff covers, differential gears, mounts, off road tube chassis, shocks, skid plates, truss systems, and more. We take special care & consideration into all of the products we offer as well as how we service our customers. We do custom tube bending, fabrication, and more for all your custom needs.

Not only do we sell quality parts, but we also fabricate our own line of products for the avid off roader. We can work with nearly any 4x4, such as Ford trucks, Chevy trucks, and Jeeps including the cj, xj, and yj models. We have a wide range of accessories for 4x4 trucks including 4x4 Jeeps offroading and other Jeep accessories. We can even help with ground-up builds including wheel and axle work, such as for an off road tube buggy. Come in to visit and check out our auto parts including our Chevy rear ends, Ford 9-inch rear ends, Ford parts, Jeep parts, and more!

If you have a love for off-roading and want the very best for your off road vehicle, come give the very best a try.  With individual service, extensive understanding of what you’re looking for and customer service that can’t be beat, KORE is here. We have a passion for offroading and have the 4x4 parts and auto parts including Ford parts and Jeep parts, to keep your 4x4 trucks or SUVs running their finest.

Our fabrication department can give you custom tube bending that ensures you get just what you need and we can give you custom parts that no one else can! We check everything from bumper to bumper to ensure that your vehicle performs at its peak to give you the adventure you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for 9-inch axles or an off road tube chassis, we have the specifics that you desire. With a full line of diff covers, gears, mounts, shocks, skid plates, axles and truss systems, your vehicle deserves the very best, and we can give it to you like no one else in Tulsa can. We keep your truck looking fine inside and out with new bumpers and Jeep accessories that will put your vehicle ahead of the competition. Whether you prefer Ford Trucks, Chevy Trucks, an off road tube buggy or just love to take 4x4 Jeeps offroading we have the components necessary.

With Jeep models such as the cj, xj or yj, we know the specifics and have the knowledge to give each the attention it deserves. Whether you’re looking for Ford 9-inch rear ends, Chevy rear ends, bumpers, wheel and axle alignment or a cover for your differential, we can help your improve your off roading experience through personal service and extensive safety knowledge.

Call KORE today to get started on a rock crawler that’ll make you proud! You can reach us at 918-248-1034 or online at KORE4x4Customs.com. Located at 805 S. 11th Street in Broken Arrow, we serve the entire Tulsa, Oklahoma area and would love for you to stop by and visit with us today!