The Koreball is the most unique patented piece of fitness equipment on the market today. The Koreball state of the art innovative design meets the needs of the modern lifestyle we live today. It is a hybrid of a kettlebell and medicine ball. The Koreball is collapsible, portable, water filled and compact. Adjustable weight with the two bladders.
Take the Koreball on vacation, business trip, office, camping or use at home. Small and easy to store away. Designed for all fitness levels, easy to use and fun to learn. Koreball unique design allows you to build lean muscle and it's a great fat burning cardiovascular routine.
You can increase your core stability, flexibility, and balance. Improves coordination and mental focus.
The Koreball has dual handles for variety in your routine. The Koreball is the perfect travel exercise equipment. The Koreball is your on the go fitness solution for the modern person looking to be consistent with their healthy lifestyle.
The largest fitness demographic is looking for an efficient, dynamic, full body workout  in 30 minutes or less. The Koreball engages core muscles, providing a tone, fit and flexible body. The Koreball is designed to be easily separated and collapsed for travel and storage.
Your on the go FITNESS solution.

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